Okay, I know the real reason why you have chosen Etaps'2002 for publishing your new research results: It's the food! Cause France is renowned for the quality and variety of its gastronomy. Well, that is true enough for France, but what about Grenoble? Unfortunately, it is Lyon the gastronomy capital, and the local specialities found in Grenoble and in the Dauphiné are rather "rustic": gratin dauphinois de pommes de terres, fondue au fromage, raclette au fromage, tartiflette. Well, that's pretty it. All made with potatoes and cheese. Very far from the Périgord delicacies or the cuisine provencale. Fortunately, like all French cities of this size, Grenoble hosts a very rich variety of restaurants, offering specialities from all over France and the world. We have compiled a short list of restaurants conveniently located in downtown Grenoble. Here they are, in no particular order:

For those of you seeking a fancy and upscale French gastronomy experience, here is a list of fine restaurants, all located downtown Grenoble, and again in no particular order:

Finally, several of the best restaurants in France (all have at least one Michelin star) are reachable by car from Grenoble. Expect a 3 hours meal, with an impressive display of plates, and an equally impressive bill (from 100 to 200 euros per person, including service and reasonable wine). Reservation is mandatory.

Information maintained by Alain Girault