Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures

Programme Commitee

M. Nivat (France, chair), A. Arnold (France, vice-chair), W. Thomas (Germany, vice-chair), V. Bruyere (Belgium), Z. Esik (Hungary), J. Gabarro (Spain), N. Klarlund (USA), F. Mignosi (Italy), P. Mosses (Denmark), D. Niwinski (Poland), C. Palamidessi (Italy), A. Podelski (Germany), J. Rutten (Netherlands), H. Seidl (Germany), A. Sernadas (Portugal), C. Stirling (UK)


(at a glance)

MONDAY, March 30th

08:45 ­ 09:00


09:00 ­ 10:30

Functor categories and two-level languages, E.Moggi (U Genova, I)

Analysis of a guard condition in type theory, R.Amadio and S.Coupet-Grimal (CMI-LIM, F)

Mobile ambients, L.Cardelli and AD.Gordon (Microsoft Research, UK)

10:30 ­ 11:00


11:00 ­12:30

Net refinement by pullback rewriting, R.Klempien-Hinrichs (U Bremen, D)

Minor searching, normal forms of graph rewriting: two applications based on enumerations by graph rewriting, A.Bottreau and Y.Metivier (U Bordeaux I, F)

Rational term rewriting, A.Corradini (U Pisa, I) and F.Gadducci (TU Berlin, D)

12:30 ­ 14:30


14:30 ­ 15:30

Invited Lecture

Generalizing domain theory

Michael Mislove (Tulane U, USA)

15:30 ­ 16:00


16:00 ­ 18:00

An event structure semantics for P/T contextual nets: asymmetric event structures, P.Baldan, A.Corradini and U.Montanari (U Pisa, I)

Asynchronous observations of processes, M.Boreale (U Roma "La Sapienza", I), R.De Nicola and R.Pugliese (U Firenze, I)

Resource based models for asynchrony, J.Rathke (U Genova, I)

Deciding properties for message sequence charts, A.Muscholl (U Stuttgart, D) and D.Peled (Bell Labs & CMU, USA)

TUESDAY, March 31st

09:00 ­ 10:00

Invited Lecture

Some mistakes I made and what I learned from them

Cliff Jones (Harlequin Ltd, UK)

10:00 ­ 10:30


10:30 ­ 12:30

The Church-Rosser languages are the deterministic variants of the growing context-sensitive languages, G.Niemann and F.Otto (U Kassel, D)

On piecewise testable, starfree, and recognizable picture languages, O.Matz (U Kiel, D)

Deterministic rational transducers and random sequences, S.Porrot and M.Dauchet (U Lille, F)

The WHILE hierarchy of program schemes is infinite, C.Albayrak and T.Noll, (RWTH Aachen, D)

12:30 ­ 14:30


14:30 ­ 16:30

A Cook's tour of equational axiomatizations for prefix iteration, L.Aceto (BRICS, DK), W.Fokkink (U Wales, UK) and A.Ingölfsdöttir (U Firenze, I)

Pumping Lemmas for timed automata, D.Beauquier (U Paris 12, F)

The appearance of big integers in exact real arithmetic based on linear fractional transformations, R.Heckmann (U Saarlandes, D)

Partial metrics and co-continuous valuations, M.Bukatin (Brandeis U, USA) and S.Yu.Shorina (Moscow State U, R)

16:30 ­ 17:00


17:00 ­ 18:30

Panel discussion

Paradigms of software science - technical versus human aspects

chair: Kai Koskimies (NRC/Hki, FI)