Common Framework Initiative for Algebraic Specification and Development of Software

Cofi Group

April 1st (full day)

The Common Framework Initiative for algebraic specification and development of software

This tutorial will cover features of the CASL algebraic specification language and its semantics, its use in writing specifications and refining them towards executable modular software systems, the support tools that are available for producing and analyzing CASL specifications, and the use of CASL in specification and development of reactive systems.

CASL is a product of the Common Framework Initiative (CoFI) whose aim is to establish and promote a common framework for algebraic specification and development of software. The tutorial will assume a minimal knowledge of algebraic specifications but no knowledge of CASL or CoFI. The tutorial is for people who want to gain sufficient background to use CASL in software specification and development or in teaching algebraic specification.

This tutorial is included in the WADT/CoFI 2001 workshop; participants in that workshop need not register separately for the tutorial.