FoSSaCS 2017 accepted papers

Jasmin Christian Blanchette, Uwe Waldmann and Daniel Wand. A Lambda-Free Higher-Order Recursive Path Order
Peter Thiemann. Partial Derivatives for Context-Free Languages
Thorsten Altenkirch, Nils Anders Danielsson and Nicolai Kraus. Partiality, Revisited: The Partiality Monad as a Quotient Inductive-Inductive Type
Frederic Gilbert. Automated constructivization of proofs
Gaoang Bian and Alessandro Abate. On the relationship between Bisimulation and Trace Equivalence in an Approximate Probabilistic Context
Julien Lange and Nobuko Yoshida. On the Undecidability of Asynchronous Session Subtyping
Stefano Berardi and Makoto Tatsuta. Martin-Lof's Inductive Definitions are Not Equivalent to Cyclic Proofs
Michele Boreale. Algebra, coalgebra, and minimization in polynomial differential equations
Damien Busatto-Gaston, Benjamin Monmege and Pierre-Alain Reynier. Optimal Reachability in Divergent Weighted Timed Games
Laure Daviaud, Ismaël Jecker, Pierre-Alain Reynier and Didier Villevalois. Degree of sequentiality of weighted automata
Luís Cruz-Filipe, Kim S. Larsen and Fabrizio Montesi. The Paths to Choreography Extraction
Michele Pagani, Raphaelle Crubillé, Thomas Ehrhard and Christine Tasson. The Free Exponential Modality of Probabilistic Coherence Spaces
Patricia Bouyer-Decitre and Vincent Jugé. Dynamic Complexity of the Dyck Reachability
Lutz Schröder, Dexter Kozen, Stefan Milius and Thorsten Wißmann. Nominal Automata with Name Binding
Ryoma Sin'Ya, Kazuyuki Asada, Naoki Kobayashi and Takeshi Tsukada. Almost Every Simply Typed Lambda-Term Has a Long Beta-Reduction Sequence
Paula Severi. A Light Modality for Recursion
Véronique Bruyère, Stéphane Le Roux, Arno Pauly and Jean-Francois Raskin. On the existence of weak subgame perfect equilibria
Alex Simpson. Cyclic Arithmetic is Equivalent to Peano Arithmetic
Kei Matsumoto. Coherence Spaces and Uniform Continuity
Sergey Goncharov, Lutz Schröder, Christoph Rauch and Maciej Pirog. Unifying Guarded and Unguarded Iteration
Flavien Breuvart, Ugo Dal Lago and Agathe Herrou. On Higher-Order Probabilistic Subrecursion
Ken Sakayori and Takeshi Tsukada. A Truly Concurrent Game Semantics of the Asynchronous $\pi$-Calculus
G. A. Kavvos. On the Semantics of Intensionality
Damien Pous and Jurriaan Rot. Companions, Codensity, and Causality
Sergio Abriola, Diego Figueira and Santiago Figueira. Logics of repeating values on data trees and branching counter systems
Paolo Baldan and Tommaso Padoan. Local Model Checking in a Logic for True Concurrency
James Laird. From Qualitative to Quantitative Semantics by Change of Base
Rohit Chadha, A. Prasad Sistla and Mahesh Viswanathan. Emptiness under isolation and the value problem for hierarchical probabilistic automata
Konstantinos Mamouras. Equational Theories of Abnormal Termination Based on Kleene Algebra
Florence Clerc, Fredrik Dahlqvist, Vincent Danos and Ilias Garnier. Pointless Learning
Tobias Heindel, Vincent Danos, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Ilias Garnier. Computing continuous time Markov chains as transformers of unbounded observation functions