ETAPS 2017: 22-29 April 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

ETAPS 2017 Best Papers

EATCS best paper award

Sam Staton
Commutative Semantics for Probabilistic Programming. ESOP 2017 [doi link]

Alex Simpson
Cyclic Arithmetic Is Equivalent to Peano Arithmetic. FoSSaCS 2017 [doi link]

Stefano Berardi, Makoto Tatsuta
Classical System of Martin-Löf's Inductive Definitions Is Not Equivalent to Cyclic Proof System. FoSSaCS 2017 [doi link]

EASST best paper award

Valentin Wüstholz, Oswaldo Olivo, Marijn J. H. Heule and Isil Dillig
Static Detection of DoS Vulnerabilities in Programs That Use Regular Expressions. TACAS 2017 [doi link]

EAPLS best paper award

Ryan Culpepper and Andrew Cobb
Contextual Equivalence for Probabilistic Programs with Continuous Random Variables and Scoring. ESOP 2017 [doi link]

Best paper award nominees

Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Mohamed Fauzi Atig, Ahmed Bouajjani and Tuan Phong Ngo
Context-Bounded Analysis for POWER. TACAS 2017 [doi link]

Dimitar Asenov, Balz Guenat, Peter Müller and Martin Otth
Precise Version Control of Trees with Line-Based Version Control Systems. FASE 2017 [doi link]

Kushel Babel, Vincent Cheval and Steve Kremer
On Communication Models When Verifying Equivalence Properties. POST 2017 [doi link]

Arthur Blot, Masaki Yamamoto and Tachio Terauchi
Compositional Synthesis of Leakage Resilient Programs. POST 2017 [doi link]

Michele Boreale
Algebra, Coalgebra, and Minimization in Polynomial Differential Equations. FoSSaCS 2017 [doi link]

Zheng Cheng and Massimo Tisi
A Deductive Approach for Fault Localization in ATL Model Transformations. FASE 2017 [doi link]

Samuel Drews and Loris D'Antoni
Learning Symbolic Automata. TACAS 2017 [doi link]

Erik Krogh Kristensen and Anders Møller
Inference and Evolution of TypeScript Declaration Files. FASE 2017 [doi link]

Luca Padovani
Context-Free Session Type Inference. ESOP 2017 [doi link]

Paula Severi
A Light Modality for Recursion. FoSSaCS 2017 [doi link]