Véronique Cortier

Unifying speaker Véronique Cortier

Véronique Cortier is research director (directrice de rechercher) of the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS), at the LORIA laboratory, Nancy, France. Her research interests include Electronic voting protocols (see our system Belenios), verification of security protocols, link between symbolic and cryptographic models for protocols, automatic deduction, tree automata.


Electronic Voting: Design And Formal Verification

Wednesday, 9:00
Room: Auditorium

Electronic voting aims at guaranteeing apparently conflicting properties: no one should know how I voted and yet, I should be able to check that my vote has been properly counted. Electronic voting belongs to the large family of security protocols, that aim at securing communications against powerful adversaries that may read, block, and modify messages. In this talk, we will see how to design secure electronic voting protocols and how to analyze them using formal methods, in order to detect attacks at an early stage, or prove security, yielding a better understanding of the security guarantees and the threat model.


Watch the recording of the talk here.
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