ETAPS 2024 Extended Stay Support Scheme (ESSS)

Combine your Luxembourg visit with collaboration with local researchers.

Extended Stay Support Scheme

ETAPS 2024 attendees are encouraged to combine their visit to Luxembourg with collaborations with local researchers.

Again this year, the ETAPS 2024 conference (European joint conferences on theory & practice of software) offers to its attendees an Extended Stay Support Scheme (ESSS) aiming at enhancing scientific collaborations and diminishing the carbon footprint of scientific research activities, following similar initiatives at HIGHLIGHTS and ICALP.

This support scheme is primarily intended for participants traveling long distances and must be combined with an attendance to ETAPS 2024. Upon acceptation, research institutes involved in this mechanism will cover standard expenses (accommodation and traveling fees, plane excluded) and will provide material support for research activities.

Specific Constraints

  • For applying, the visitor should attend ETAPS 2024.
  • Dates of the visit do not have to be adjacent to the conference dates as long as the applicant avoids traveling by plane in between.
  • If too many applications are received, further criteria of selection may have to be applied, such as favoring long distance participants or applying “first come, first served” policy.

Participating Research Labs

How To Apply?

For applying as a researcher, please contact the research lab of interest. For applying as a research unit, please get in touch with Peter Roenne.

Apply as research unit

Application to the ETAPS 2024 Extended Stay Support Scheme is made by two persons, a visitor and a local collaborator and should be sent to the contact person in the hosting research institute. The application should include:

  • The name of the visitor (the ETAPS attendant) mentioning their affiliation, city and country of origin.
  • The name of the local collaborator.
  • The dates of the visits.
  • Few lines describing the subject of the collaboration.

For applying as a researcher, please contact the research lab of interest.