Industry Day @ ETAPS 2024

9 April 2024, Luxembourg City

Industry Day @ ETAPS 2024

Thanks to an impressive body of theoretical research and tool development over the last decades, formal methods have been successfully used by industry at various stages of the software lifecycle. These include design, specification, development, validation, and verification of software systems. However, while rigorous tools and techniques are being continually enhanced and already bring benefits to industrial projects, their successful application in industry remains challenging. This is often due to the difficulty to find a suitable tool and to adapt it to the needs of a concrete project. Practical application constraints and challenges are not always well-understood and taken into account by academic researchers.

An intensive interaction between researchers and industrial users is needed to increase industrial applications of formal methods. The goal of the ETAPS Industry Day is to bring industrial practitioners into the heart of the research community and to catalyze this interaction. As the leading international conference in formal methods with 500 participants each year, ETAPS is an unmissable meeting point to develop fruitful collaborations between academia and industry addressing the existing and upcoming challenges.

For companies, the Industry Day provides an opportunity to meet graduate students as prospective future employees, leading researchers as future collaborators in joint R&D projects, and practitioners who face related challenges.

Keynote Speakers


(Note: The entire ETAPS 2024 programme is here)
Rooms: TBA

09:00 ETAPS Unifying Keynote Speaker
Sandrine Blazy. From Operational Semantics to Verified Compilation

10:00-10:30 coffee break

10:30 Invited Talk
David Delmas (Airbus Operations SAS). Formal Verification of Avionics Software
11:00 Contributed Talks
Franziska Henze (CARIAD SE). Collision-Free Trajectories in Automated Driving: Extending a Formal Argumentation From Single Scenarios to Scenario Ranges
Michaela Klauck (Robert Bosch GmbH), Christian Heinzemann and Ralph Lange. How Bosch brings Formal Methods to Autonomous Systems Engineering
11:40 Invited Talk
Leonardo Tonetto (Advisor ‑ European R&D and Innovation Support). European R&D Projects: Participation and Opportunities
Networking session (each participant can present a 1-minute no-slide pitch about their interests in collaboration)

12.30-14.00 lunch

14:00 Invited Talks
Jan Peleska (Verified Systems International). Next Generation Model-based Testing for Industrial Applications
Yannick Moy (AdaCore). What Programmers Want from Proof with SPARK
15:00 Contributed Talks
Adel Djoudi (Thales Digital Identity & Security). Retrospective on Formal Verification of a JavaCard Virtual Machine with Frama-C
Thierry Lecomte (Clearsy), Sébastien Agostini, David Déharbe, Julien Molinéro-Pérez, Erwan Mottin and Denis Sabatier. Formal Methods in the Railways: Trajectory and Trends
Odd Ivar Haugen (DNV). Recommended Practice on Assurance of AI-enabled systems

16:00-16:30 coffee break

16:30 Invited Talk
Fritz Henglein (Deon Digital). From Theory to Practice: What is a contract, really?
17:00 Contributed Talks
Franck Cassez (Mantle Research). Formal Methods in Web3: Success Stories and Opportunities
Wolfgang Grieskamp (Aptos Labs), Junkil Park and Teng Zhang. Securing the Aptos Framework through formal verification with the Move Prover
Bhargav Bhatt (Web3 Foundation). Experience Report: Formally Verifying Critical Blockchain Network Component


The Industry Day gives the opportunity to participants from industry to present their recent use cases, needs of current projects, initiatives in their organizations, or challenges for novel and upcoming projects using formal methods.

The program will include invited talks, solicited contributions, a networking session, and a presentation of the upcoming funding opportunities by the European Commission. Each industrial participant will be given a chance to present their activities and interest in collaboration in an informal 1-minute no-slide pitch during the networking session (no prior submission necessary). Similarly, academics can give a 1-minute pitch (also no slides), about the kind of collaborations they seek for a future research project.

An exhibition space will be available for participants to demo their products and problems. The space is limited so please contact the organizers ahead of time, if you would like to use it.

This is a physical on-site event. We expect all Industry Day participants and speakers to be physically present at the conference in Luxembourg and to be registered for the conference or at least for the industry day. There is no free registration for speakers. More information will be provided late January.


Submit paper

Industrial participants are invited to submit proposals of talks (in a PDF file) within one or more of the following topics:

  1. Recent results and experiences in industrial projects or an application use-case related to formal methods tools or techniques;
  2. Research questions and challenging problems in an ongoing initiative or an upcoming project related to formal methods;
  3. Proposals of collaborative projects, describing for instance a technical problem or a proposal of contribution related to formal methods

The submission file (in PDF format, 1–2 pages) should clearly indicate:

  • The presenter’s first and last name, company, address, contact email, and possibly contributors or co-authors,
  • The title of the proposed presentation,
  • The desired duration of the presentation (the final duration will be indicated by the Industry Day chairs depending on the number of proposals and available slots),
  • Which of the above topics are addressed in the presentation (topics 1, 2 or 3)
  • An abstract of the talk (within the 1–2 pages) clearly describing the link to the formal methods, the context of the work, and, depending on the topic, achieved results or identified project needs or sought solution, or proposed collaboration.

The abstracts will not be formally published, but will be made available electronically to the participants of the event. A lightweight review process will be applied, mostly to enforce topicality. We plan to favor shorter talks (~ 15–20 minutes) and encourage offline discussions between interested participants during the breaks.

The submission website is now open at:

If you experience problems submitting, please ask for help at

Important Dates

  • January 26, 2024 – submission deadline for industrial talk proposals
  • February 7, 2024 – notification for accepted industrial talks
  • March 6 – Early registration deadline
  • April 8–11, 2024 – ETAPS 2024 Conference, the Industry Day is scheduled on April 9