Social Events

Come to meet the conference participants to have a talk face to face.

Welcome Reception

Monday, 8 April, 18:00–22:00, Tour of the city and Big Beer Company, Clausen. Busses will leave 18:00 from Parc Alvisse. There will be return busses at 21:15, 21:30 and two at 21:45.

BigBeer Companu

Tour of the City of Luxembourg (18:00–19:30) will be followed by a Welcome drink reception at Big Beer Company, Clausen starting at 19:30.


Wednesday, 10 April, 18:15–23:15, Bel-Air Sport & Wellness Hotel, Echternach. Busses to the banquet will leave 18.15 from Parc Alvisse. Return busses will leave at 22:45 and some will also stop in the city.

Bel-Air Hotel

The banquet will take place at the Bel-Air Sport & Wellness Hotel, Echternach.

Full Programme