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Exploring the Journey of Academia to Industry and Back Again

by Georgiana Caltais — 22 May 2023

Interview with Mooly Sagiv, founder of Certora and Chair of Software Systems, School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University.


Software as Research Infrastructure

by Reiner Hähnle — 25 April 2023

On sustainability of software research infrastructure.


A Glimpse Into Performance Engineering

by Georgiana Caltais — 17 April 2023

Interview with Ana-Lucia Varbanescu, performance engineer and professor at University of Twente.


From Static to Runtime Verification

by Bettina Könighofer — 20 March 2023

Interview with Thomas Henzinger, professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).


Navigating and Discovering Career Paths for Young Researchers

by Eduard Kamburjan — 20 March 2023

Interview with the Organizers of the ETAPS mentoring workshop 2023.

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