ETAPS 2014: 5-13 April 2014, Grenoble, France

POST 2014

3rd Conference on Principles of Security and Trust (POST 2014)

Principles of Security and Trust is a broad forum related to the theoretical and foundational aspects of security and trust. Papers of many kinds are welcome: new theoretical results, practical applications of existing foundational ideas, and innovative theoretical approaches stimulated by pressing practical problems.

POST was created in 2012 to combine and replace a number of successful and longstanding workshops in this area: Automated Reasoning and Security Protocol Analysis (ARSPA), Formal Aspects of Security and Trust (FAST), Security in Concurrency (SecCo), and the Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security (WITS). A subset of these events met jointly as an event affiliated with ETAPS 2011 under the name Theory of Security and Applications (TOSCA). POST'14 is the 3rd edition, following POST'12 in Tallinn, Estonia, and POST'13 in Rome, Italy.

We seek submissions proposing theories to clarify security and trust within computer science; submissions establishing new results in existing theories; and also submissions raising fundamental concerns about existing theories. We welcome new techniques and tools to automate reasoning within such theories, or to solve security and trust problems. Case studies that reflect the strengths and limitations of foundational approaches are also welcome, as are more exploratory presentations on open questions.

Areas of interest include:

Access control Anonymity Authentication
Availability Cloud security Confidentiality
Covert channels Crypto foundations Economic issues
Information flow Integrity Languages for security
Malicious code Mobile code Models and policies
Privacy Provenance Reputation and trust
Resource usage Risk assessment Security architectures
Security protocols Trust management Web service security

Important dates and submission instructions

See the ETAPS 2014 Common Call For Papers. Submit your paper through the POST 2014 author interface of Easychair.

POST 2014 will not use a rebuttal phase.

Invited speaker

David Mazières (Stanford University, USA)

Programme Chairs

Martín Abadi (MSR Silicon Valley & UCSC, USA)
Steve Kremer (Inria Nancy, France)

Programme Committee

Bruno Blanchet (Inria Paris, France)
Ran Canetti (Boston University, USA and Tel Aviv Univ. Israel)
Claude Castelluccia (Inria Grenoble, France)
George Danezis (MSR Cambridge, UK)
Anupam Datta (CMU, USA)
Stéphanie Delaune (ENS Cachan, France)
Riccardo Focardi (University of Venice, Italy)
Somesh Jha (University of Wisconsin, USA)
Ninghui Li (Purdue University, USA)
Sergio Maffeis (Imperial College, UK)
Andrew Myers (Cornell University, USA)
Catuscia Palamidessi (Inria Saclay, École Polytechnique, France)
Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Frank Piessens (KU Leuven, Belgium)
David Pointcheval (ENS Paris, France)
David Sands (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Hovav Shacham (UCSD, USA)
Nikhil Swamy (MSR Redmond, USA)
Paul Syverson (NRL, USA)
Ankur Taly (Google, USA)
Bogdan Warinschi (Bristol University, UK)