ETAPS 2018: 14-20 April 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece

ETAPS 2018 Best Papers

EATCS best paper award

Sergey Goncharov and Lutz Schröder
Guarded Traced Categories. FoSSaCS 2018 [doi link]

EASST best paper award

Márton Búr, Gábor Szilágyi, András Vörös and Daniel Varró
Distributed Graph Queries for Runtime Monitoring of Cyber-Physical Systems. FASE 2018 [doi link]

EAPLS best paper award

Ilya Grishchenko, Matteo Maffei and Clara Schneidewind
A Semantic Framework for the Security Analysis of Ethereum smart contracts. POST 2018 [doi link]

Best paper award nominees

Kevin Batz, Benjamin Lucien Kaminski, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Christoph Matheja
How Long, O Bayesian Network, Will I Sample Thee? A Program Analysis Perspective on Expected Sampling Times. ESOP 2018 [doi link]

Randal Bryant
Chain Reduction for Binary and Zero-Suppressed Decision Diagrams. TACAS 2018 [doi link]

Gabriele Costa, David Basin, Chiara Bodei, Pierpaolo Degano and Letterio Galletta
From Natural Projection to Partial Model Checking and Back. TACAS 2018 [doi link]

Zinovy Diskin, Harald König and Mark Lawford
Multiple Model Synchronization with Multiary Delta Lenses. FASE 2018 [doi link]

Marco Eilers, Peter Müller, Samuel Hitz
Modular Product Programs. ESOP 2018 [doi link]

Guilhem Jaber and Nikos Tzevelekos
A Trace Semantics for System F Parametric Polymorphism. FoSSaCS 2018 [doi link]

Pierre-Marie Pédrot and Nicolas Tabareau
Failure Is Not an Option: An Exceptional Type Theory. ESOP 2018 [doi link]

Luigi Santocanale
The Equational Theory of the Natural Join and of Inner Union Is Decidable. FoSSaCS 2018 [doi link]

Lau Skorstengaard, Dominique Devriese and Lars Birkedal.
Reasoning about a Machine with Local Capabilities: Provably Safe Stack and Return Pointer Management. ESOP 2018 [doi link]

Ana Sokolova and Harald Woracek
Proper Semirings and Proper Convex Functors. FoSSaCS 2018 [doi link]

Daniel Strüber, Sven Peldszus and Jan Jürjens
Taming Multi-Variability of Software Product Line Transformations. FASE 2018 [doi link]

Alexander J. Summers and Peter Müller
Automating Deductive Verification for Weak-Memory Programs. TACAS 2018 [doi link]