ETAPS 2020: 25-30 April 2020, Dublin, Ireland cancelled

ETAPS 2020 Best Papers

EATCS best paper award

Thomas Neele, Antti Valmari and Tim A.C. Willemse
The inconsistent labelling problem of stutter-preserving partial-order reduction. FoSSaCS 2020 [doi]

EASST best paper award

Florian Frohn
A calculus for modular loop acceleration. TACAS 2020 [doi]

EAPLS best paper award

Raffi Khatchadourian, Yiming Tang, Mehdi Bagherzadeh and Baishakhi Ray
An empirical study on the use and misuse of Java 8 streams. FASE 2020 [doi]

Best paper award nominees

Carmine Abate, Roberto Blanco, Stefan Ciobaca, Deepak Garg, Catalin Hritcu, Marco Patrignani, Éric Tanter and Jérémy Thibault
Trace-Relating Compiler Correctness and Secure Compilation. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Massimo Benerecetti, Daniele Dell’Erba and Fabio Mogavero
Solving Mean-Payoff Games via Quasi Dominions. TACAS 2020 [doi]

Krishnendu Chatterjee, Amir Kafshdar Goharshady, Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen and Andreas Pavlogiannis
Optimal and Perfectly Parallel Algorithms for On-demand Data-flow Analysis. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Mathieu Huot, Sam Staton and Matthijs Vákár
Correctness of automatic differentiation via diffeologies and categorical gluing. FoSSaCS 2020 [doi]

Christof Löding, P. Madhusudan, Adithya Murali and Lucas Peña
A First-Order Logic with Frames. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Sreeja S Nair, Gustavo Petri and Marc Shapiro
Proving the safety of highly-available distributed objects. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Rong Pan, Qinheping Hu, Rishabh Singh and Loris D’Antoni
Solving Program Sketches with Large Integer Values. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Ben Simner, Shaked Flur, Christopher Pulte, Alasdair Armstrong, Jean Pichon-Pharabod, Luc Maranget and Peter Sewell

ARMv8-A system semantics: instruction fetch in relaxed architectures. ESOP 2020 [doi]

Freek Verbeek, Joshua Bockenek and Binoy Ravindran
Highly Automated Formal Proofs over Memory Usage of Assembly Code. TACAS 2020 [doi]