ETAPS 2014: 5-13 April 2014, Grenoble, France

CC 2014 accepted papers

Regular Papers

Magnus Madsen and Esben Andreasen. String Analysis for Dynamic Field Access

Amitabha Sanyal, Alan Mycroft, Amey Karkare and Rahul Asati. Liveness-Based Garbage Collection

Rishi Surendran, Rajkishore Barik, Jisheng Zhao and Vivek Sarkar. Inter-iteration Scalar Replacement using Array SSA form

Andre Tavares, Benoit Boissinot, Fernando Pereira and Fabrice Rastello. Parameterized Construction of Program Representations for Sparse Dataflow Analyses

Jayvant Anantpur and Govindarajan R. Taming Control Divergence in GPUs through Control Flow Linearization

Martin Sulzmann and Pippijn van Steenhoven. A Flexible and Efficient ML Lexer Tool based on Extended Regular Expression Submatching

Paul Feautrier, Éric Violard and Alain Ketterlin. Improving X10 Program Performance by Clock Removal

Rafael Auler, Edson Borin, Peli de Halleux, Michal Moskal and Nikolai Tillmann. Addressing JavaScript JIT engines performance quirks: A crowdsourced adaptive compiler

Zheng Wang, Daniel Powell, Bjoern Franke and Michael O'Boyle. Exploitation of GPUs for the Parallelisation of Probably Parallel Legacy Code

Venkatesh Srinivasan and Thomas Reps. Recovery of Class Hierarchies and Composition Relationships from Machine Code

Tool Papers

Thomas M. Prinz, Norbert Spieß and Wolfram Amme. A First Step Towards a Compiler for Business Processes

Henri-Pierre Charles, Damien Couroussé and Victor Lomuller. Code generation for dynamic applications: metrics, tools and applications with deGoal

Alessandro Barenghi, Stefano Crespi Reghizzi, Dino Mandrioli, Federica Panella and Matteo Pradella. The PAPAGENO parallel-parser generator

Martin Franz, Andreas Holzer, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Christian Schallhart and Helmut Veith. CBMC-GC: An ANSI C Compiler for Secure Two-Party Computations