ETAPS 2013: 16-24 March 2013, Rome, Italy

FoSSaCS 2013 accepted papers

You can find information about LNCS proceedings (LNCS 7794) at or access the online version at

Michael Huth, Jim Huan-Pu Kuo and Nir Piterman: Fatal Attractors in Parity Games

Jonathan Hayman and Tobias Heindel: Pattern Graphs and Rule-Based Models: the Semantics of Kappa

Nikos Tzevelekos and Radu Grigore: History-Register Automata

Jannik Dreier, Cristian Ene, Pascal Lafourcade and Yassine Lakhnech: On Unique Decomposition of Processes in the Applied Pi-Calculus

Remi Bonnet and Rohit Chadha: Bounded Context-Switching and Reentrant Locking

Lorenzo Clemente, Frédéric Herbreteau, Amelie Stainer and Grégoire Sutre: Reachability of Communicating Timed Processes

Martin Churchill and Peter Mosses: Modular Bisimulation Theory for Computations and Values

Fernando Orejas, Artur Boronat, Ulrike Golas and Nikos Mylonakis: Checking Bisimilarity of Attributed Graphs

Faris Abou-Saleh and Dirk Pattinson: Comodels and Effects in Mathematical Operational Semantics

Shin-Ya Katsumata and Tetsuya Sato: Preorders on Monads and Coalgebraic Simulations

Matteo Mio and Alex Simpson: A Proof System for Compositional Verification of Probabilistic Concurrent Processes

Lukasz Czajka: Partiality and Recursion in Higher-Order Logic

Fredrik Dahlqvist and Dirk Pattinson: Some Sahlqvist Completeness Results for Coalgebraic Modal Logics

Lutz Strassburger: Cut Elimination in Nested Sequent Systems for Intuitionistic Modal Logics

Andrej Bauer, Aleksandr Karbyshev and Martin Hofmann: On Monadic Parametricity of Second-Order Functionals

Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos: Deconstructing General References via Game Semantics

Robbert Krebbers and Freek Wiedijk: Separation Logic for Non-local Control Flow

Prateek Karandikar and Sylvain Schmitz: The Parametric Ordinal-Recursive Complexity of Post Embedding Problems

Wojciech Czerwinski, Claire David, Katja Losemann and Wim Martens: Deciding Definability by Deterministic Regular Expressions

Emmanuel Hainry, Jean-Yves Marion and Romain Péchoux: Type-Based Complexity Analysis for Concurrent Programs

Martin Hofmann, Ramyaa Ramyaa and Ulrich Schöpp: Pure Pointer Programs and Tree Isomorphism

Pietro Di Gianantonio and Abbas Edalat: A Language for Differentiable Functions

Michael Ummels and Christel Baier: Computing Quantiles in Markov Reward Models

Guy Avni and Orna Kupferman: Parameterized Weighted Containment

Benedikt Bollig, Paul Gastin and Benjamin Monmege: Weighted Specifications over Nested Words

Sam Staton: An Algebraic Presentation of Predicate Logic

Glynn Winskel: Strategies as Profunctors

Ranald Clouston: Generalised Name Abstraction for Nominal Sets